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Being Part of the Solution to World Poverty in a Simple Way

Posted by Simon Lee Briggs on October 29, 2013 at 8:55 PM

We in the developed world are living in a time where many items that did not even exist decades ago, are considered needs, not luxuries. We feel constrained to provide them to our growing children because "everyone else has them." We want our children to "fit in." We feel the need to "keep up with the Joneses" and to "run the rat race." Even those of us who may have low incomes often receive "entitlements" or other help that assists us in moving in or near to middle-class living. The things that I'm talking about that have become, in the eyes of many, needs, consist of technological gadgets. I'm talking about computers, cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, and other gadgets that were unheard-of decades ago. Computers? Many of us have laptops, even if just for basic Internet services. Most of us have cell phones. Even many low-income people use what are inaccurately called "Obamaphones." (This was a service started, I believe, under Former President Bill Clinton and funds come from extra billing to users). My own daughter said the other day, "All the other kids have iPhones!" To which Daddy and Mom said, "No they don't. There are many of your friends who don't have iPhones." Purchasing an iPhone is outside of the means of our family, anyway. But this is another story! The pic above shows what is all-too typical of the pitiful living conditions of those families and individuals who live and suffer in developing countries. These many, many people have probably never seen a computer or a cell phone, let alone more "fancy" gadgets such as iPods , iPads, Tablets, or the link. That image is not pretty or comfortable but it represents what billions of impoverished people in the developing word suffer daily and contantly. You may have no doubt seen images of starving children with extremely thin limbs and unnaturally bloated bellies. I have seen them. The media ought to cover these kind of situations but doing so makes for poor entertainment, it's depressing and uncomfortable and their ratings would plummet. Plus, there is the cost of travel and many of these countries would put journalists at risk because they tend to be or have "hot spots" with harsh governments. But because we are closed off from what is going on in so many of these countries and areas of the world, it's easy to be uninformed as to what is going on and to the extent it all is going on.

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