JGF And GND Universal Caretakers Network.


(Co-Founders) Simon Lee Briggs of the (UK) And Joseph Aquilino (New York) & Heather Ann (New York)

This Network is now a subsidiary to the JGF Family and Joeygiggles...

Global Network for the Disabled
we formed a unique partnership allowing operating bases in the UK & New York. GND is an organization devoted to a mission to spread awareness & education on a variety of disabling medical conditions, empowering the disabled and their caregivers as they navigate the often treacherous waters of learning to live with a disability.
We are advocates for Global Network for Disabled people, especially those with chronic pain conditions. The more we make Aware there will someday be a CURE!
Like the diseases themselves, their programs recognize no borders, and GND is determined that everyone effected by a disabling disease, be they the patient, caregiver, medical professional, or member of the general public will have a greater understanding of what these conditions are, and how we can make a difference.
Please remember that the information you find on these sites if for you information and research. Always consult your physician.

Here is some basic Rules of the Groups,Pages,Networks,
If you breaking these basic ground rules you'll be instantly be removed from the organizations 

1. We are Volunteers
2. Health Comes First
3. No acting like babies at Any time
4. No bickering 
5. No Fighting
6. No taking sides
7. Be Respectful to others
8. We are knot Dr's always seek your GP's advise